Labor Unions

Dear Members

Rest assured that, in these unstable and uncertain economic times, I remain strong and committed to protecting you and your loved ones when you are injured either at work or in any other accident. I will continue to make your case our priority, whether it be a minor matter or a million dollar lawsuit. My reputation is that I work as diligently on the smallest matter as I do on the most complicated cases. I understand that any legal problem is worrisome for you and I not only respect that but will be here by your side zealously representing and fighting for your rights.


I take great pride in the fact that I have represented members of the International Aerospace & Machinists Union for many years. Many times I have handled legal struggles and battles which other lawyers would not take, either because they were not money making issues, or were too difficult and time consuming.


I urge you to talk to your brother and sister members to ask them about my record with the International Aerospace & Machinists Union. I know that if you do, you will hear the success stories regarding my handling of your motor vehicle accident and personal injury cases, workers compensation and Social Security Disability cases, and many other issues that your members have brought to me for resolution.


I have your backs, no matter what the odds of winning. It is you and me against the Insurers and we are a team. I work to protect and benefit the lives of all union members. If you a hardworking truck driver, correctional officer, UPS worker, machinist, MBTA worker or any other union member, I welcome your interest my firm and will do my best to resolve a problem within any of our legal practice areas. If you are a union officer, representative or leader interested in finding a law firm equipped to handle your union’s legal issues as well as those of individuals who may ask you for an informed referral, please contact me. I look forward to speaking with you. .

Very truly yours,

Teresa Benoit