Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is illegal, demoralizing and humiliating. It causes extreme psychological harm and financial insecurity for the employee. Sexual harassment greatly impacts and changes the lives of its victims.

Courtroom Success

My affiliates have successfully represented employees in discrimination and harassment cases filed in the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) and in the state and federal courts, prevailing both in jury trials and in public hearings.
My affiliates have represented nurse’s aides, medical assistants, laborers, dispatchers, cashiers, servers, restaurant managers, hotel clerks, public employees and many others against many diffrent types of employers including transit companies, stores, hospitals, restaurants, food chains, hotels, and cleaning companies. A sample of sexual harassment cases include:

  • A dispatcher of a company whose boss sexually assaulted her while she was working;
  • A restaurant manager whose boss made repeated sexual advances toward her;
  • A young girl working as a nurse’s aide whose boss fondled her breasts; and
  • A employee whose co-worker made graphic sexual comments, mimicked sexual acts, and whistled at her.

At Benoit Law, we are extremely sensitive to the needs of our clients and understand the emotional rollercoaster of workplace sexual harassment. Our extensive experience helps us develop the best strategies and swiftest results for our clients.

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